Metni Büyüt Metni Küçült
Accessible Izmir Congress - which enables Izmir to be the leader city in Turkey in ensuring access for people with disabilities - will be held for the third time this year between the dates of November 1 and 3, 2018. It is our pleasure to invite you to the Accessible Izmir 2018 International Congress that will be hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the organization of İZFAŞ.

The first Congress was held in 2013 with the theme of “Urban Problems and Solutions for People with Disabilities". The targeted outcome of this first Congress has been“Red Flag Project” and the project serves to promote accessibility to public and private buildings in İzmir as the first and the only practice in Turkey. The theme of the 2nd Congress, held in 2016, was “Local Policies Oriented to Enhance the Participation of People with Disabilities to Social Life”. The outcome of this Congress was the establishment of “Izmir Disability Awareness Center” which is the unique center in Turkey as a very successful best practice. The third Congress will provide a very fruitful environment to discuss the various aspects of “New Production Models and Employment for people with Disabilities.”

Theme of the Congress has been determined after a series of meetings with the participation of representatives from nongovernmental organizations, trade associations, universities and public institutions sharing their ideas and suggestions. As the valuable output of the common mind of these initial activities, main theme of 2018 Accessible İzmir Congress has been identified as “New Production Models and Employment for People With Disabilities”.

The principal objective of Accessible Izmir 2018 Congress is to seek the opportunities to realize achievable and applicable employment models in İzmir by evaluating the existing production models and promoting innovative practices towards the new horizons and barrier-free life conditions for employment of people with disabilities.
We are glad to invite you to attend the 3rd  International ACCESSIBLE İZMİR 2018 Congress and looking forward to seeing you.

Yours faithfully,
Executive and Organizing Committee of ACCESSIBLE IZMIR 2018